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Originally Posted by Pittsburger View Post

You should post your stuff on eBay, it's free listing. I can't imagine anyone will pay for your asking. Usually it comes with the car, so Just trying to imagine who would need it for that price. I can't think of many. First time 3 series owner without knowledge of free online manual?
Or a collector perhaps?

Not just a low ball offer, its what value it has to me. Not meaning to offend. Good luck.

Ebay is free to list, 9% commission if sold though. They are on there regularly for 80-100, exactly the same items as I was offering. I priced mine at half what the cheapest one was. Pretty fair IMHO.

It already sold and for my asking price, the person that bought it is quite happy. Who needs one? Well someone like me who has bought a car in the past that's missing it. I've bought them for mustangs in the past. Some people just want them to help understand the Nav system, music system storage, Idrive, etc. I needed to read mine to figure out the darn Homelink garage door opener.

You didn't offend me at all, just made me laugh. No offense but who comes in making an offer 80% lower than the asking price PLUS tells the seller how much he is going to pay for shipping? I mean my gosh my friend, step back and ponder those questions just for a sec.

I hope I've answered your questions and I wish you luck locating that which you seek.