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Originally Posted by Pittsburger View Post
Had to ask. My sister lost my hard copy owners manual. i have all that useless leather binder etc. i don't need a manual cause I have a copy of the digital version. I only need a hard copy if I decide later to sell my car. Imho, It's really only good for interacting with the service reminder and messages.

You should post your stuff on eBay, it's free listing. I can't imagine anyone will pay for your asking. Usually it comes with the car, so Just trying to imagine who would need it for that price. I can't think of many. First time 3 series owner without knowledge of free online manual?
Or a collector perhaps?

Not just a low ball offer, its what value it has to me. Not meaning to offend. Good luck.
I bought it. When I bought my car it never came with a manual. The dealer kept messing around wouldnt give me a straight answer of if they were ordering it or not.

I like to have all the pieces to my car. My car felt a little incomplete without it for some reason. And I like reading through them.

$5 is a little rediculous of an offer. I would be offended if you offered me that.