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Originally Posted by scalbert View Post
It states: Capacity: 91 kWh

For my area, we pay $0.085 per kWh. So a quick calculation comes up with $7.74 to fully charge or less than 2 gallons of premium fuel.

A petrol burning vehicle with similar power and torque would get less than 15MPG. But lets say 15MPG, which is generous. That same approximate cost would get you thirty miles range. To get the 500km, or 300 miles, would require twenty gallons of fuel. At $4 per gallon, that is $80 versus less than $8 to go the full range.

So yes, your electric bill would go up. But your fuel costs would be nothing.

This issue is with charging versus filling up time. You can fill up a twenty gallon tank in five minutes. To charge 91 kWh, even using a good sized DC charger, would take hours. On 240VAC at 30 AMPs may still take 10+ hours. Not to mention charging station availability.

That said, most don't drive a unique vehicle all day or even on road trips so this works.
That battery can likely handle hundreds of amps of charge current. Fast charging batteries are an active area of research right now. That hours figure you quoted is dropping to less than one hour, currently.