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Did this saturday on the driver door-- great diy! i have never done anything like this by myself before so the diy was awesome.

things to note:
* as others have stated, no need to remove the window- or even all that 2 inches/4 inches stuff. my window was up all the way and that worked just fine.

* maybe i was having a slow moment, but, since i skipped the window portion, i also overlooked the SUPER important note of moving the black metal piece (window guide?) that is completely in the way of taking the actuator out. i spent FOREVER trying to "easily slide the actuator out down by the spongy thing"-- as, without unscrewing and maneuvering this metal piece out the way, you will NEVER get the actuator out lol

i wanted to add that as a note as, had i known that, that would have easily knocked a good 45 minutes off of my time and i know i cant be the only person who overlooked that step.

all in all, while it took me close to 4 hours to do this, lol, doing it again would only take me like 45 easy.