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Originally Posted by LuxeFilms View Post
Ok, that does make more sense, cause I initially thought you meant 7yr/100k additional from what you have now. My quote of $3700 was for 6yr/72k additional coverage. I currently have a 2009 with 28k miles.
The 72k you mention makes sense (since 28+72 = 100) but you may want to check on the additional 6yrs you mentioned. I dont know your "in service" date, but with a 2009, I would guess it was 4 yrs ago. If so, then you would only be adding an additional 2 yrs to your coverage. You may want to look at a quote for the 7/70 plan in which ever level best suits your vehicle's setup.
PS. $3700 even for a platinum 7/70 is kinda high (MSRP?). You can get that plan for as little as $2900, if you shop around.
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