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Originally Posted by BMWM.D. View Post
I haven't logged on in a couple days.....what did you end up doing?

If it were my car, I'd probably replace all with the updated design, but I like to do things the right/best way on my cars. You could just replace the 1 injector with a "261" part number (index number 10 or lower on injector) as a cheaper solution; if available. The earlier style injectors are all compatible with each other, so it doesn't matter what you have now as long as they aren't the updated 13 53 8 616 079 part number.
Haven't got the car yet, been traveling this week for work so I'm going to get it tomorrow. I'm not one to usually go cheap on fixing something but $1200 to get all the new injectors vs. $120 for just the one. If another one craps out down the road, I'll probably then spring for 6 new model ones.

I'll keep you updated and thanks again for the help.