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Originally Posted by dwells View Post
How is everyone? I haven't been active on here in ages (mainly because of how busy work and life have been and the fact that my car is in an embarrassing state of disarray).

I'm trying to learn how to do coding, which I imagine shouldn't be terribly difficult given that I'm well versed in systems admin, electronics work, various programming languages, etc. Waiting to hear back from onebadmofo, who did the coding at Rob/cyphr's meetup a while back, to see if he can point me in the right direction.

Maybe if I get a feel for coding (I've got my E92 and an 335is E93 and an E70 available to practice on), we can do another meetup and I'll do some coding for everyone.
I want to buy the cable and teach myself too but don't really feel like messing up my car by accident. If you become proficient at coding and want to organize a meet I'd love to participate.