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Great job man. I had the exact same issue with a C32 AMG two years ago. The car had been wrecked and the wiring harness was toast. I of course did not find this out until I received several very expensive bills, despite having it inspected by two reputable MB dealerships.

My (unsolicited) advice is to get rid of the car. Buy a identical one with a CPO warranty if you like, but bad wiring harnesses are problem factories. This won't be the last thing it throws at you. Even if it costs more to buy it will be better than it being bled out of you by numerous trips to the mechanic.

My C32 list of pain. Not all of it was caused by the harness, but I and my mechanic believe the radiator fan (stuck at full speed for weeks), A/C failure, and ECU were all related to the harness.

- B service Performed ($160)
- New front pads/rotors ($350)
- New Goodyear Eagle GT Tires ($600)
- New Chrome-style Key ($126)
- New Radiator (replaced Valeo with Behr after testing for glycol contamination isuse) ($400)
- New valve cover gaskets ($200)
- New thrust arm bushings ($170)
- New Fuel filter ($106)
- New crankshaft pulley and harmonic balancer ($600)
- New engine fan (broken by belt falling off) ($850)
- New front engine cover (star fell off) ($100)
- New windshield (rock cracked old one) ($0 thanks to State Farm)
- New foglights (cracked by road debris) ($0, State Farm again)
- Serviced transmission, replaced filter, fluid, and seals ($140)
- Replaced Coolant ($100)
- New Timing Chain Tensioner ($650)
- New Air Conditioning system installed after compressor failure ($2,200)
- Replaced engine wiring harness, rebuilt fuel injection computer ($2,700)

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