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Have I inadvertently made my service light come on?


Just before my MOT was due last month the roadworthiness test icon was showing with the exclamation mark when I started my e90 330D. There was nothing other than that pending at the time when I cycled through the various icons.

When it was MOTd by my local garage they did not reset the indicator so I followed some instructions from the internet and did it myself. Now I'm not sure if I've done something as after I had reset it I noticed that the "car on the ramp" icon was showing amber at startup (no exclamation mark).

I thought it might be something I'd done and left it for a few days. Now it's turned red and when I look the "car on a ramp" by cycling through the service items it has a -50 next to it. The manual says that that icon is a service indicator but I don't understand what it's asking me to service or what I missed 50 miles ago? Unless I've inadvertently done something trying to reset the roadworthiness icon?!

Any ideas? I think I can reset this particular icon but if I'm meant to take it in for something then I'd rather follow it!