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Carwash Let Water In My Car

To add to the lovely parking tickets I received yesterday, today I decided to revisit a carwash that I often went to, (Even back in the day as a little kid with my dad) but have not been to in a couple months now. Its called Sepulveda Carwash. Sure enough, as usual there were many BMW's there, ranging from 328i's to a brand new M5 and M6. As well as an assortment of other very nice luxury brands. And I'm watching the guy dry my car, he seemed like he was doing a lot more inside than usual. And then he gave me the keys kinda early, as if he hadn't really finished his work. I give the guy a nice $3 tip. the nerve. And as I sit down, the first thing I notice is the interiors a mess. There's a towel on the floor in the back, passenger sun visor is half way down, and then all of a sudden it hits me. There's this water everywhere. Not like someone poured water in the car, but like someone had taken a windex sprayer and sprayed water at my trim, my seats, the back seats, the floor in the back and the sides of my seat were soaking, the roof above my head was extremely wet, there was water around the door sills all the way up the side of the door, and even around my center console, come to think of it, there was water under my mirror switch and window switches as well. Now I immediately pulled a U-turn and walked up to the manager furious, like WTF is this. He was like oh shit. So he sent the same guy and I watched this idiot, who couldn't have told me the problem like a descent human being, take nearly 30 minutes with a high pressure air gun and dry my interior as much as he could. Every time he wanted to stop I would point something else out. Now I am definitely never visiting that carwash ever again. In retrospect I would have demanded a refund but I was a bit flustered. Now my the floor under and behind my driver seat still wasn't fully dry, so when I got home I left my clean windows down to let some air in the car. Now its been more than a couple hours and the floor is still a little damp. My question, as redundant as you may find it, is my car is ok? Will I be fine? I honestly can't think straight, this is my worst nightmare, so if anyone could chime in and either rise some concerns, or ease my pain, that would be great. Anyway sorry for the long right up, hopefully the only positive coming out of this, if there is no damage, would be a washed interior, albeit my car is hardly over a month old....