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Originally Posted by 1mikel1 View Post
Sorry to hear about your car wash incident.

I would take out the floor mats and drive the car with the AC on high (with the windows up) until it is dry (or you can't stand it any longer). It will get cold but the AC will help dry out the inside of the car. Since you live in California (dry weather) can you leave the windows open when you are not driving your car?

You can go back and talk to the Manager again (without too much anger if you can), maybe he doesn't realize how badly it got wet. Ask for a refund explaining that the service performed was actually detrimental to your vehicle (you are worried about long term damage (corrosion of electrical connections and smelly interior due excessive moisture in the car) and that the guy working on it only wanted you to leave and was not interested in removing the water. This won't help get rid of the moisture but it may make you feel better.
Thanks for the info, so there could be corrosion or long term issues?