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FINAL UPDATE: 4/6 - Just got home from taking my car the LTMW meet and the engine's running better than ever

New engine was installed on 3/12 and car returned to me on 3/14. I've put almost 700 miles on the new engine. Let me start by saying that SouthBay Autohaus knows their stuff and has been great to work with through all of this. Their expertise is top notch and I really appreciate how they've kept me informed along the way. The car is running better now than it ever has, but it's taken some serious work to get to this point.

Last time I posted, I knew my original clutch was toast but I didn't know that I'd have to purchase a new DMFW (Dual Mass Fly Wheel) too. When the engine seized, the torque from the driveshaft caused this to happen... (notice how the holes don't line up?).

Also, here's a few of the other issues we had to work through after the car was originally returned to me:
- squeeling pulley - replaced
- broken nipple off of plastic vacuum canister - replaced
- boost leak - replaced all vacuum lines
- vanos codes - replaced both intake and exhaust vanos solenoids
- low pressure fuel pump codes - resolved issue with ECU
- high pressure fuel pump codes - resolved issue with ECU
- clunking noise when turning left or right - issue caused by a worn bushing (see upgrades below for fix as I decided to use this as an excuse to upgrade to front and rear M3 control arms)

Here's what remains of piston #6 (left and middle) which exploded like a grenade. Far right is the piece of the block that was blown off.

Below is a better shot of the hole that was blown through the block

The head of piston #6 sheared off the top of the spark plug

Good shot of what 67k miles worth of carbon build-up looks like

Pic of the new engine below that was taken the day before it was installed

Upgrades / Future Plans:
- I now have a 2010 engine with 27k miles
- Carbon build-up was cleaned out completely (you can get to way more with the engine removed than you can otherwise)
- new water pump and thermostat installed
- new Vanos solenoids
- new spark plugs
- and a bunch of other new stuff (i.e. - crankshaft seal, oil pan gasket, exhaust gaskets, valve cover gaskets, etc...)
- The new Spec Stage 2+ clutch is great and has a very OEM feel with a very subtle, slightly stiffer engagement.
- Front and rear M3 control arms (link). Still waiting for these to arrive.
- Still waiting for my Qauife LSD to arrive. Plan on having LTMW install next weekend.
- Purchased PowerFlex Urethane Diff Bushings to go on the same time as the LSD:
Rear Diff Front Mounting Bushing PFR5-425 (qty 2)
Rear Diff Rear Mounting Bushing PFR5-426 (qty 1)
- Planning on having LTMW install some side splitters and maybe a custom front splitter for a little more downforce
- swapped out the JB4 for Cobb St2+ FMIC tune (really like it so far)
- installed BMS DP Fix

Oh, I have a BMS WW Meth Kit w/ FSB if anybody wants it for free.
I wouldn't feel right selling it since it's what caused all of this.

I'm not bitter as I understood this was a possibility when I started modifying my car years ago and I plan to continue modifying my cars in the future. That said, I'll certainly be far more wary of engine mods. Thankfully, I really love this car and plan to continue enjoying it for at least a few more years now that I've made such a big investment in it; that was one expensive track day.