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I put the Dynavin DNV-E9X (06 E91, premium pkg) with win ce software and everything works great. Phone works great and I am using the built in mic. Phone book is available but is a little cumbersome. You can enter a few letters from a name and it will get you to the alphabetic location of the contact and the more you enter the closer you get. You can also scroll. The touch interface seems okay. Not apple sharp but it works ok and the stylus is very good. You can also display car info, i.e. water temp, oil pressure etc.
Ipod interface work's great and all steering wheel buttons work as they should. You can change songs by swiping the screen. I ran the wire into the arm rest and leave the ipod there all the time and it keeps it charged up. The unit was plug and play and worked without any mucking around.
I left all the aux cables off because I don't have any amps or video screens. I put the usb in the glove box for software updates.
I put the gps antenna on the right side of the dash right next to the A pillar after running the wire behind glove box then tucked under door gasket up to the A pillar and tucked into the space there. No holes to drill or cutting of anything. I bought the unit from Jeff as he is local for me and provides great support. My one negative is the radio which so far sucks. I just sent Jeff an email about this issue today and have not received a reply yet. His units come loaded with maps from ( and he registers the unit for you and you just confirm. They have a good site and you can buy more software because it comes loaded with basic US maps. so far for me it has worked as well as my garmin.
I spent three months looking for my car and an equal amount reviewing gps units. The things I was looking for were
1. Good GPS with support
2. Good IPOD integration
3. Above average Bluetooth connection and it has exceeded the stock interface through the radio and the sound is great (Parrot system)
4. The most important thing was local support so I didn't have to deal with somebody outside the US.
I don't know anything about the other units mentioned above and I just wanted something that I can play my tunes, answer and make calls from my Iphone and get were I need to go without a lot grief and this unit does all of those things. Hopefully I can figure the radio problem out and then its 100%
I hope this will help some one make a decision about upgrading because it has made my new car a lot nicer and filled in the option gaps it came with
Jeff Bechtel
J&T Distributing/Dynavin Solutions
2385 S. Sarah
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