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Drives: 2012 E92 328i Coupe
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Grilles, Reflectors, Carbon Leather Trim, Split Arm Rest, Custom Leatherette Consoles

Thought I'd post some of my mods in case anyone else is trying to figure out what to do to their E92 328i ...

Completely stock, back in 2012 ...

... 2013, a few mods added, but no spacers ...

Custom grille and painted side reflectors (both Mod Bargains); also retrofitted auto-folding, auto-dimming exterior mirrors, and auto-dimming interior mirror with compass, Euro sun visors, and 19" OEM 313 Performance Wheels w/Continental DWS tires (225/265).

... and now

With 12mm H&R spacers all around.

OEM BMW M3 Carbon Leather interior trim (GetBMWParts)

This is original M3 interior trim; all pieces (dash, doors, rear sides) fit the 328i E92 just like they do the M3 E92. (You can also see the custom center console in the first pic.)

Custom black leatherette center consoles (Richy / BMW MotorSport)
OEM BMW Euro split arm rest, Black Dakota leather (ECS)

An M3 front center console won't fit a 328i, so if you're like me and want something similar, you'll have to go custom (or buy an M3; whichever is cheaper). A special thanks goes to fellow forum member Richy / rich mannmotorsport-at-gmail-dot-com (remove space in email address, or call him at 805.404.6166) in Simi Valley, who custom-wrapped my front and rear center consoles in black leatherette. He's done a few of these jobs in the past, e.g. Andy M's leatherette console and Shih's leatherette console. Richy does amazing work at an affordable price, is very friendly, and detail-oriented. I HIGHLY recommend his work to anyone interested in a similar mod.

With automatic transmission (or long forearms) the Euro split arm rest is really pointless, functionality-wise, but looks better than the standard US arm rest, so ...

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