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Originally Posted by DUI Elite View Post
I think it'll be fine.

Funny story:

So you know how if you hold the unlock button on our cars, it opens all the windows? One fun Christmas day last December, while with the gf, apparently I sat on the button and its signal reached the car. Opened up all the windows and sunroof. It snowed that night...

I woke up and saw my car the next morning thinking "holy fuck did someone break into my car?" but then it dawned on me that no one breaks 4 windows and a sunroof to steal something lol. My seats and center console got a light dusting of snow (nothing too crazy) but enough to where it was damp for a little while. I let it sit in the warm garage for a few days with the windows open (to get air circulating - last thing you want is stagnant damp air). Left a box of baking soda on the floor of the rear seat to prevent any smells.

I let it all dry thoroughly. Needless to say I was pissed, but I made it through it. I think you can too
Wow that does really suck, thanks for the story and kind words.

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The Car Wash that did this should detail the inside of your car. Have the Manager come smell the inside of the car and ask him what he would do.

If you can't trust this car wash go to another one or your Dealer and get their opinion.

The car must be dried out to get the smell out. Leave your doors and sunroof wide open, the sunroof tilted open is not letting that much air exchange to dry your car. Buy a cheap 2' high floor fan from Walmart and have it blow air through the car, this will help dry it out. Moving dry air through your car will pick up the moisture. If it is raining outside then this won't work that well of course.

I had my heater core leak on one of my cars in the past and it filled up the passenger side foot area with an inch of water. I used a fan to blow air through my car with the doors wide open. My car smelled weird for a while and I even had green mold in that area of my carpet (I did not drive my car that much and did not know it leaked until a few days later), but after I dried it out, cleaned it and used some Febreeze the smell was gone. I had hot sunny days in Texas to assist with the drying.
I appreciate it ! Good news is that nearly all the water has dried, partly because of some of the advice you gave me, there isn't much smell left, but to ensure a smell does not develop, I will spray the car to keep a nice smell, thanks!

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ouch...that sucks.
What kind of car you have? e90/92/93?
I would be more concerned on how water entered the car.

So far as the current condition is concerned, keep the windows rolled down little bit and park your car in sun for a few days. Being in CA, Sun is not a problem.
The smell will go away.
If possible keep the doors open when the car is parked under Sun.
This is really bad on the car wash's part that this happened and they did not dry it out completely or give you some sort of future complimentary washes.
I have a 2013 e92 335, and I didn't find out whose fault this accident was, but I m assuming the guy that drove my car up to the tracks did not fully close my door allowing water to spray in from the slightly lowered window and from the side of the door. Yeah I have been letting it sit in the sun with its windows down and what not, and to my surprise the car is already almost fully dry, and a smell has not developed, but I'll be careful to make sure one does not in the future. I am returning to the carwash with my dad tomorrow, who is wiser and better at chewing people's ass's than myself. Thanks bro