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Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
I remember the Sinclair ZX 80/81 & Spectrum very well! A revolution in gaming/computing in their day. I even started amateur programming in BASIC
A guy ( a really clever but looking back 100% total geek with a tank top) I worked with in the early 80's (when I was just the lad that made the tea) produced a very BASIC car racing game on the Zx81. It was taken up developed further and sold to the public. I remember off the back of his fee, he bought & built a MINI marcos kitcar with a tuned MINIsprint (now MED) 1380 A series engine.

weighed nowt and went like stink (well we thought so at the time)...I seem to remember his first road test was not 100% successful as he had forgotten to put in any brake fluid. Good job the handbrake on the rear shoes was connected

wonder what he is doing now? either multi-minted or sweeping the streets
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