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2007 335 coupe lag/jerk?

So I just bought a 335 auto coupe, I am coming from a auto 2006 nissan 350z. The nissan had immediate throttle response, one mm in on the throttle and the wheels would catch, very smooth and predictable power as the slightest adjustment in the throttle the car would reply.

I am noticing with the 335 when I first begin to push the throttle, it does not catch right away, like the first inch nothing happens. Then after that it catches, but it doesn't feel like it's smooth or powerful around the 1.5-2k rpm range, kind of like a little delay in this range and then a little bit of a jerk when it catches say around 2k rpms. This is the best way I can describe it. I think I am just noticing the difference from the z to this car, but I am worries if it could possibly be a transmission problem or if it is just normal for this car. Thanks guys!