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Originally Posted by DJ Apex
Ok so since i swaped back to my US air box from my loud usless Injen Intake.
Ive noticed more LOW END TQ. But ive lost a little bit of TOP END not alot but i can tell.

So i was thinking why can we just drill 4 holes add a adapter plate for a cone filter and remove our crappy paper one add a small cone filter and bolt it all up. Well it was very easy.
I love it ive noticed the gain in low end tq is still there but top end still pulls hard as well.

So for the cost of $380 - $420 for euro box. I made mine for the cost of $40

It dose the job and im still gonna invest in a euro box just to see on a dyno if my Euro (US modded) box makes the same HP as the REAL EURO Intake.

Dont hate on the crappy cut outs they are all sanded down and are all even.
Also anyone wanan gimie there US stock box for trade for my injen plus $50 Cash??

Cone filter specs for perfect fitment and still leaves box with room to close
5.5 In. Od Base/4.75 In. Od Top, H-6.25 In

Parts Used from local auto parts
Spectre - 8148 (Air intake flange mount) <--- Its plastic and u will need two to mount back to back. Since our US box has a curve in like a velocity stack. pics will show u what i mean. Since one will work it just wont mount flush it will leave a gap on eather side. So two mounted back to back makes a nice fitment and fits very snug. You will need to cut out a bit of the mount once its recessed in or else MAF wont fit. You will also need a Few bolts & nuts.
K time for PICSSS

Stock Box

Drilled holes for mounting flange to box

Flange part number and Flange

Flange mounted

Cut flange for MAF to fit

Flange fitment

Bolts and nuts

Box 80% done

Shot of filter and box bolted all up

Hope u guys like it and im excited to see what the HATERS gotta say!
Have A Marry Xmas Guys!!!!
Have you found someone to make the trade for the stock air box?