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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
hum, its a toughy. It will put your engine/turbo/fueling system under more stress but, thousands of members have overlooked that as the tune for our cars is just worth the extra "stress". For most, the only upkeep you would do more often is sparkplugs and coilpacks, which are super easy to do. Most reputable tunes give about at least 50 hp+ in less then 5-10 minutes! Keep up with your maintenance and your car really should run just like you got it!

congrats on your new car, enjoy it!
Thanks. See I am not very mechanically inclined when it comes to cars. I don't know much at all, so as far as the additional upkeep I would need to do with a tune, I would not know what that is. I was thinking about doing the BMW power performance tune.