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Originally Posted by Fitz335
So about an hour ago I decided I was hungry and need some Taco Bell. Accelerating on the highway, BOOM check engine light comes up, car goes limp, vibrates excessively when accelerated over 3k RPM. Got off the highway and begin to make the slow trek home when it goes off just as suddenly and power returns. Got my Taco Bell and went home.

Assuming HPFP? Guess I'll be stopping by the dealer tomorrow. 69k miles.
I had something similar to this tonight. Going on a spirited drive them boom, car wouldn't rev up very much, was vibrating. Had this happen before but just turned off car and restarted and was fine, assumed it was a time issue. Anyways, tonight it definitely didn't go away. When I restarted the car the vibration was worse, the throttle was not just seeming to hit a limiter and be slightly underpowered, it was full on mushy and lifeless. Reset tune, set stock maps, tried again. Same. Tried driving a bit to see if I could lump it home. Got a little ways with much effort, then half engine light and the throttle quit working. All power stayed on but the engine cut. It stayed running but just dropped to idle and the pedal was useless. Rough idle still. Restarted the car and went back to the mushy but limpable mode, then half engine and pedal cutting out. Repeated till I got it the few miles to home. My indy shop pulled codes a while back that indicated that my fuel pump may be on the way out but nothing serious, but this was a fairly sudden and catastrophic failure. It makes sense that it's the fuel pump, but can anyone chime in with an experience like this?
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