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Originally Posted by Surly73 View Post

Resist the urge lump Super Blue/Type 200 in with all the "race only" fluids out there. They are excellent fluids, street or track, and are made for long change intervals in street applications.
^^ word this man speaks da tr00f

Not trying to be a dick, but just trying to clear up some misinformation:

Originally Posted by ChipB View Post
+1 on the advice to stick with OEM or DOT 4 brake fluids intended for street applications. *I use ATE Super Blue only for my cars that see track time, and then only because I need the higher dry boiling point to prevent brake fade and I'm willing to bleed the brakes at least twice/year. *For normal street driving it really offers no advantages over OEM.
Originally Posted by krhodes1 View Post
ATE Super Blue is really meant for those who change thier brake fluid often, i.e. racers.
Trouble is, it is NOT a low moisture absorbing fluid, and while its dry boiling point is excellent, its wet boiling point is not. It is also really expensive. Use the OEM fluid or something meant for street cars like Castrol LMA or Valvoline Synthetic.

ATE Blue/Gold is of the, if not cheapest, DOT 4 fluids out there.

Also, its wet BP is > OEM, Castrol, or Valvoline.


1) Castrol GT LMA - Dry BP: 265*C, Wet BP: 155*C
Price: $11 per 12 oz bottle (4/7/13 Ebay search - shipped)
Price/oz: $0.92

2) Valvoline - Dry BP: 230*C, Wet BP: 155*C
Price: $11.55 per 12 oz bottle (shipped - Amazon - none listed on ebay)
Price/oz: $0.96

3) OEM BMW Fluid - Dry BP: 230*C, Wet BP: 155*C
Price: $9 per 12 oz bottle (Ebay - shipped)
Price/oz: $0.75

4) ATE Blue/Gold - Dry BP: 280*C, Wet BP: 198*C
Price: $18.45 / 1 Liter (shipped - Ebay)
Price/oz: $0.55 (1 L = 33.814 fluid oz)

There's no reason why you can't run it on the street...I've been running it in all my street cars and bikes for years. ATE's suggested change interval is up to every 3 years ("normal driving"), which I believe is 1 year more than BMW's recommendation for their OEM fluid.

Also, I understand that 1 L is more than typically necessary, but if you use it on multiple vehicles like I do, do the brakes and clutch hydro fluid at the same time, you don't really have that much leftover. My friends and I sometimes split a bottle. Granted, if you go to the stealership and buy the BMW fluid you may save on shipping (but then add tax!) etc... but for fairness' sake, I included shipping costs.

Lastly, don't at me for bumping an old thread...I was using the search button and came upon this
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