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Originally Posted by ashmostro View Post
So OP, have you tracked your IS yet?
Yes! I've been at the track now at least once a week since purchase. Frequent track access is nice!

Mods so far:
- Cobb AP running stage 1 aggressive map
- 18X8.5 Beyern Spartan Wheels with Michelin Super Sports 255/35/18.
- Burger DCI
- Burger Catch Can (not installed yet)
- Stainless Brake lines and ATE Blue Fluid
- Clutch Delay Value (remove)

Track impressions:
This is a fun car to drive on the street, no question. It's got plenty of power at the track, which also makes it fun. Everyone who rides with me is impressed with it's acceleration but that's no surprise to any of you. I've turned laps in-between every mod, so I have a pretty good feel for the results of each upgrade. I should also note that I run with DTC off. This allows me to rotate the car a little more easily without any full blown surprises.

First, the run flats stink. Changing to the Mich SS made a huge difference, and now I'm running square setup so I can more easily rotate and distribute wear. Also, the stainless lines and fluid are a must and are not too expensive. Brakes were mushy after only a few laps before. Now I can run 5+ lap sessions without worrying about the brakes too much. Brakes are honestly one of this cars biggest weaknesses on the track. However, I'm not inclined to make the upgrade on pads/rotors because of warranty and maintenance preservation.

Another huge weakness I haven't addressed yet is the suspension. This car bounces and rolls all over the place and grip/confidence/stability suffers as a result. I will likely make an upgrade to Coilovers, but not the $3500 options. I'm looking at BC racing and there is a local distributor in the Atlanta area that I'm talking to who knows a lot about setting these up. I will say that "learning" what to do with all this body roll has been a good learning experience. I have experienced understeer and oversteer and knowing when you can apply throttle to steer the car is something I'm still learning (and trusting).

The car has been a tough adjustment for me because I've been spoiled as a result of the business venture I'm involved with. However, those are "business" cars and it's not appropriate for me to take seat time away from clients in those cars. Anyone who has driven the 991 S will tell you that it's simply an amazing track car bone stock. Only a few secs off a 911 4.0 RS and less than half the price. However, it's still almost 3 times what I paid for my 335is and not as practical as a daily driver if you have kids. For what I'm looking to "get" out of this car, I think it's a decent option if you are willing to spend $3000-4000 in upgrades. If you aren't, I think you will just be chasing it all the way around the track.

I will update again after installing coilovers.