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Here's Part 1 of the video. Takes you all the way through removing the first spark plug... Comments appreciated. Some advice before you start:

1.) PLEASE USE METRIC TOOLS! This is a european car and guess what measuring system their engineers use? I see all these other DIY's saying to use SAE or English size sockets and such... It MIGHT work, but you run a big risk of rounding off the nuts/bolts! If you do that, you will need special tools to extract.

2.) Be patient and take your time (2-3 hours). Its tempting to do things right before a run or such, but trying to do a repair under time pressure is not ideal. You run a big risk of doing something wrong and then having to redo it.

3.) Try to do this on a level surface as you are removing a strut brace. And for your own safety should parking brake fail, etc...

And here is Part 2. Takes you all the way through starting the engine back up!

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