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Originally Posted by Russ G View Post
Sorry but just to confirm are you saying that if we get the discs that are being passed around then the code from Sieras wont work? Seems to have worked for everyone else.
Sorry, The codes from Sieras will work with the 2013(-1) premium disks if that's what you stipulate you need when ordering. But a different code is required for the newer 2013-2 maps (Sieras can also provide this).

It's just if you wanted the most totally up to date maps and were forking out 50 for the code, then it may best to get the new 2013-2 maps.

FYI the 2013-1 disks (doing the rounds now) were released in Oct 2012 and the 2013-2 have just been released to replace them. This would suggest in Oct of this year we'll get a "2014" version.

Hope this helps and clears up the confusion.