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Originally Posted by boyhsu View Post
The below torrents work!

Originally Posted by adriang
Just want everyone to know I just tried the below route and worked well in an 2009 e70 BMW x5 35d

Step 1. Download utorrent

STEP 2: Navigate to the below links and download the two files. It should open in utorrent. (Originally from luke)
Region 1 with red light cams and speed traps


Region 2 with red light cams and speed traps

Once completed it will say "seeding". You can leave it like this for a few days (however if you have cheap internet, this is not the best option, right click and select stop...)

Step 3 Download FREE ISO BURNER and run it.

Now, under ISO file, navigate to where the .iso file saved (most likely in c:/Users/<pcname>/Downloads) and click "BMW_CCC_Nav_2013_Region1_Cams.iso" AND "BMW_CCC_Nav_2013_Region2_Cams.iso". Each one requires a seperate DVD. I used memorex DVD -R 4.7 GB bought from walmart.

Under Drive, find your DVD burner.

Don't change anything else and click burn. Within a few minutes you will have burned both DVD's.

(I've Currently tried Region 1. It works but a bit slower than the older model nav maps. Will try region 2 in a few minutes)

EDIT: I have tried Region 2 as well. Works like a champ. The speed traps and cameras option is neat as well!
I've tried the Region 2 links a few times and my uTorrent has a red arrow and not downloading at all. Does the torrent only work with a specific program?
Thank you very much, just burned Region 2 and I'm testing it now. I read somewhere that it only worked for someone when they set their burn speed to 2x or lower, otherwise the nav unit would give them a weird error message. Not sure if it's a legitimate concern, but I just wanted to bring it up.

Edit: Both Region 1 and 2 work! Thank you hugo330i and boyhsu for saving me more money than I can afford. I can't see a difference in the updated maps or the maps from 2010 where I live though.

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