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Originally Posted by Chowbow View Post
Quick pics:

Everything else was straight forward and just took a little tweaking... The V1 is mounted with the sunvisor clip, and with velcro on the inside of the 3rd brake light cover. I wanted the velcro there to make sure it stayed put, and prevent it from flying off in an accident. The middle seat is useless now as the V1 intrudes on headroom (I'm 5'8" and my head touches the V1 in that seat).
Great work Chowbow. I do have two questions (at least!)

-- Did you do any personal testing of V1 performance mounted in front versus mounted in back where you have it now?

-- You mention the middle seat is useless. When you need it, can't you just unplug the V1 main unit and take it out of the way? Or are there other things you did which still take up headroom back there?