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thnx for sharing!
No problem! Thank you!

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Ye Thanks alot for sharing!
No problem! Thanks!

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nice pics OP
Thank you

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Nice pics ! Please someone tell me what are those blue wheels !!! I am in love wow wow wowowowowowowowow !
thank you

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Seeing cars that slammed with lips made me wonder how in the WORLD do you guys drive around without cracking and smashing them... hell.... even some lips had lips!
LOW and SLOW ahaha.

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Thanks for the pics! I was looking for some coverage of the event and glad I found this thread.
No problem! thank you! I'm surprised there aren't more coverage threads up.

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Saw myself like 3 times, but not my my car

great pics though!
Sorry I thought I had a 16GB compact flash when I went to the meet so I was planning on taking a picture of ALL the cars. When my Cf card got full in the beginning of the meet I checked it and I only had my 1GB CF card.. sigh I thought the G was a 6... stupid me

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I like that v8 engine swap in the e46

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you plastidipped your front bumper?
thats my matte black e90 you took a pic of lol thanks =)
Yeahhh the front and rear bumper. My whole car was plastidipped before. The dip looked horrible so I decide to vinyl wrap the whole car myself and by the time I finished everything but the front and rear I didn't know how to do it correctly I just need someone to teach me how to wrap a front and rear bumper.
I was the only matte black bmw there until your car showed up & damn your car is freaking beautiful. !