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Originally Posted by mr.e90 View Post
Yea, i was also thinking of just dipping the car but then I thought about how the texture would feel and changed my mind. Thanks man, when I saw your car i was like damn theres competition lol but nonetheless it was looking like a beauty. the rear bumper was really easy only should take one hour. The front bumper however is a different story. I stayed up vinyling the front bumper until 3 am and i started around 7 pm lol so many curves that the vinyl ripped on me and had to restart lol but after i completed i was happy with the results its actually Satin black vinyl thats why it seems a little bit of glossy
the texture was as rough and bumpy as sandpaper.. it was terrible. I ordered the vinyl wrap after two days of my car being dipped. I'm probably gunna tackle the rear bumper soon and try to wrap it but I have to order more vinyl first. I don't want to even think about trying to wrap the front bumper

yeah I noticed it was satin but i'm just so use to saying matte. not a lot of people know the difference . If I could I would have went satin because its more black than matte black !