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Originally Posted by yEBMW View Post
Is it absolutely necessary to use tool32 to write the vin to the frm2 and I guess the ahl modules? I think this may be the step I have missed. I didn't bother with tool32 because I couldn't get it to work. Every time I would enter my vin I would get an error. Now that I think about it, if the vin is, say missing a character will I get an error? That could have been my problem. Can you give me steps on using tool 32? Is there a specific daten file I should use? I was using v45 for e89. I have a 2006 e90 325i pre-lci with halogens and I retrofitted ahl euro lci xenons.

Edit: I did use winkfp first to update the software on the frm2 and change the vin and that did workout fine just not tool32.
Could you describe step by step how to write vin to the new modile, please!!!

So, i need to write vin to the new module and follow the steps A and B above? Or step A & B first?