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Originally Posted by Blackrider71 View Post
Thanks for the fast reply!
By doing this, do I plug the front speakers in the front amp input and the subs in the rear amp input? What about the settings for low pass and hi pass?
The tweeters just came with the package I' ve bought ;-)
If its plug and play kit, then it should look after channels division automatically.

Connect the wires for rear speaker together on the harness at the amp end. As you are not amping the rears, so signals should go back and rears can produce some sound.

You sub / front speakers should take signals just from the front. How you do it, it should be in the manual. If you have 2 channel switch on the amp, then it should be turned on.

Tweeter should only be plugged with the speakers if you have crossovers for the tweeters. If not, then don't bother.

Replace all 4 speakers and under seat subs. Front speakers will be amplifier and rears will be running of the HU.

Crossovers should be
Front Speaker high passed @ 150Hz and above
Under seats low passed @ 150Hz and below

This is a good starting point and then you can tweak according to your taste. With focals, do not go below 125Hz.