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Originally Posted by EononCarDVD View Post
Hi nightwarrior, don't worry I'll try my best to help you. About your issues, please firstly check as follows:

- For the steering wheel control issue, pls make sure if the unit's can bus is connected very well with your car.

- For the radio issue:
A. Make sure the radio antenna is well connected, unplug it several times to have a try.
B. Choose the right radio region.
C. Turn off the LOC function.
D. Change to another FM antenna to have a try.

- The unit is easy to install, just plug and play, you can check the user manual with basic wiring instruction. If you're still not quite sure, please tell us which part you're not clear. And you can also go to the professional installation shop to ask. Thanks!

If your issues still remains, we will help you further, thanks!
-I disconnected the the Canbus several times and reconnected them as properly as I could, no steering control.
-FM quality is GREAT with STOCK radio, VERY BAD with AFTERMARKET radio. Unplugged several times, same problem... Can receive some channels, but with a lot interuption.
-Plug & play? You have to trim the climate control in orde to fit properly, which means I cannot go back stock when I want.
-Settings do not remember. After 15 minutes, all settings are lost.
-Audio quality is very poor. I have the basic stereo system, which is already very bad, but this is just ...

I reverted to stock because of malfunction of this unit... Only positive I can say is the design. Looks very OEM and neat. Should have chosen the Zenec unit...