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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
yea, I'm not sure how Uriah will do at 185, his only two losses are to Weidman and Phillipou, which are near the top of the ranks. My guess is he drops to 170, where I think he can do damage, even though its a deeper division than 185
Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
I seriously thought that Dylan was gonna bring the heart....... He went in already defeated inside... -_-

I think Hall will do ok at 185. He just has to deal with the wrestlers.

Speaking of that, if he goes down to 170...... there will be A LOT of wrestlers. Considering he's got like no bodyfat, going down another 15 lbs won't be easy.
On paper his only 2 losses have been to top 185 guys, I don't actually know any of the guys he's beaten and whether they would be considered top 25. So he puts away average fighters easily. I can't always tell on paper though but he does look impressive, his technique is very explosive and violent, it seems like he possesses true KO power which is always dangerous. I think he'll slot into 185 well if he can handle solid well rounded guys like Okami.

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Connor McGregor wants to replace Joe Proctor (got injured) and fight at UFC 159, hope he gets it!
That will be awesome!