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Originally Posted by nightwarrior View Post
-I disconnected the the Canbus several times and reconnected them as properly as I could, no steering control.
-FM quality is GREAT with STOCK radio, VERY BAD with AFTERMARKET radio. Unplugged several times, same problem... Can receive some channels, but with a lot interuption.
-Plug & play? You have to trim the climate control in orde to fit properly, which means I cannot go back stock when I want.
-Settings do not remember. After 15 minutes, all settings are lost.
-Audio quality is very poor. I have the basic stereo system, which is already very bad, but this is just ...

I reverted to stock because of malfunction of this unit... Only positive I can say is the design. Looks very OEM and neat. Should have chosen the Zenec unit...
Can you comment on the bottom part of the unit sticking out? I can't tell from the pictures but it looks like the bottom simply runs in a straight line rather than curve back in for a flush look like the stock unit.