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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
I've been nothing but detailed in what limp modes and what problems my car has had, and what has solved them. There is way too much "the car just can't do X" type crap here. It is definitely temperamental but it seems to me these issues are fixable. I'm going to another open track day in 2 weeks, guess we'll see if another 2 hours of track time in 4 hours can break the car.
Those of us making these statements have owned the vehicle far longer than you have, and it is because of their efforts that we can even track the car at all today. Afterall, the very first online review of this vehicle pitted it against a meager G37, which it lost to for throwing a non-temp related unknown limp mode. Thanks to the efforts of guys like enrita, and autobahn335I, and even Mid corner fun, we are able to track this car. Old school guys are well within their right to bash the vehicle for its many flaws. Afterall the car was never designed to be tracked by BMW, and they did several things at the design stage to make it painful for those who tried.
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