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Well I have to say I am surprised by the poll results in respect what I intended to ask but also see that I was not as specific as needed in my poll question.

It seems a lot of people use trickle chargers / battery tenders and looking back at the poll question, this actually doesn't surprise me. Heck I used to use a Battery Tender on my motorcycle since it never really got any road time.

Although, what I guess I was really trying to ask was "How many people use a trickle charger / battery tender on their daily drivers?" Maybe another poll is in order, maybe not.

Last night I finally got a battery charger / maintainer for my daily driver.
I really never thought that would be needed for a daily driver but it seems this BMW is a different beast. I had things start turning off again so I knew the battery was probably low. I checked the battery about an hour after I got home and it was sitting at 12.2V. The tester estimate it was 50% charged. Gave it a charge last night but it only got to 99% complete before I needed to disconnect it. Very curious to see what it thinks the battery is at when I get home tonight.

Personally I think the battery is done which seems unbelievable for a car that only 2 years 1 month old.