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The Sport wheels are all the same with paddles.

However, the paddles on the late LCi (2010 on??) are only 2 wire, rather than the 3 wire of the earlier type. AFAIK, the M3 blades are 3 wire. pre-LCi paddles are rocker type - not as nice looking as the M3 or later type, but arguably better to use. the late LCi have the +/- on them, but have a black face, rather than the brushed face of the M3 ones.

I have a late LCi, and I had an earlier model. The earlier model had rocker paddles which meant that you could change up/down on either paddle, by pushing or pulling the blade. The late type or M3 are individual.
I am intending to convert my late type to the earlier rockers as I prefer them. Unfortunately, they aren't a straight swop!