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Originally Posted by fletch8 View Post
So upto lci 2009 it's 3wires and 2010 onwards its 2wires
My '09 LCi had 3 wires, my '11 has 2
The '09 had the rocker paddles, thumb push to change down, finger pull to change up. These were just switches, the same as the M3 paddles I think.
My '11 has blade paddles, similar, but not the same as the M3 ones. These are 2 wire, and have pull-up resistors in each paddle. I have a set of rocker paddles, but haven't had the balls to see if they will work without modification in case I fry something. The 2 wire plugs are the same as the 3 wire plugs, but one slot is unpopulated.
Converting rocker type with a couple of resistors should be easy enough to do - when I took off the paddles I couldn't get a decent resistance reading on my meter to source some, and I haven't been bothered to take them off again to recheck.