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Originally Posted by LuxeFilms View Post
So what warranty did you end up going with? Have you had any claims? I'm looking at purchasing a 335 convertible and would love to know. Thanks!
I ended up going with the BMW warranty. I got a great deal on it, I think the Platinum 7yr/100k was $3200. I've already had to go in for low pressure fuel pump replacement, injector/coil replacement, thermostat sensor replacement, oil pan gasket leak replacement, broken AC vent replacement, and navigation display issue. Out of pocket, the diagnostics and fixing these items would have been very costly. I've been on about 3 or 4 trips to the dealer and each time only pay a deductible of $50. All of this in 2 years, I still have another full year of warranty left!

It's no hassle at the dealership, gives you piece of mind, it's convenient (still get free loaners), I highly recommend it.

Think of it more of an insurance policy. You hope you don't have to ever use it, but if something major does go wrong, you're covered. It's all about how much risk you're willing to take. You can go SANS warranty and have no problems at all for years and save a few grand.Or you can blow your turbos and end of having to pay $5000+ for replacement turbos with labor.