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Originally Posted by type rrr View Post
o man.... another thing on the list for the cloud of smoke on deccel to verify.. damn

1- turbo seal -- most possible
2- pcv valve -- rb upgrade but no cure for smoke
3- vent hose -- no cure
4- valve cover gasket -- dosen't seem to fix the problem
5- valve stem seal -- second most possible
6- piston ring engine damage -- worst case senario
Just FYI, a BMS OCC made my car smoke. I too thought it was my turbos. When I pulled my OCC their was oil in the inlet line, none in the can. It was restrictive. Day after the OCC was removed I had zero smoke, go figure.

1 you can verify by pulling the DP's and checking for oil in your turbine housings.
2 and 3 I would just revert to completely stock OEM PCV components. When I removed my OCC I bought new OEM check valves to be sure.
4 and 5 are going to be a pain.
6 Do a compression/leakdown test to see if your cylinders are honding their compression. If a cylinder is down compared to the rest you may have a ring sealing issue.

Smoke is coming out of both exhaust ports i'm assuming, because you don't have divorced piping like an E90, rather an X-pipe. This makes it hard to determine which bank your smoke is coming from. With a PCV and valve stem issue it will be from both tips. If it's a ring sealing issue or turbo related it will be from one side most likely, unless both bank's components are shot.

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