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SImilar Problem

I have a similar(ish) problem. In my case it's the rear passenger door that's not opening with the key fob and inside button. However, mine does not open at all. If I try to open it using the inside handle it doesn't open. The handle feels like it's trying to pull up the lock as it should do but doesn't actually do it. Hell I'm stuck with a closed door. Then after trying a combination of trying to open while unlocking with the fob I managed to open it. Only to then have all locks not working with the fob for a couple of minutes. Then everything started working again except the faulty door. Any tips before I start dismantling the door? It's annoying to leave it like this as the door is not operational at all. I have two kids and to have them going in from one side to have them stepping on my seats is not something I enjoy watching.