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Originally Posted by cstavaru View Post
Welcome to the forums ! What you say is great news, especially given your background which shows you are very serious

I'm also a software developer at my core and I have been working at some Android and WinRT virtual gauge stuff in the hope that one day we could tune our cars with our mobile phones rather than a dedicated device, eliminating the need to carry a laptop to see logs, etc. So many opportunities.

Keep up the great work and maybe one day we will be benefiting from each other's work

By the way, I am interested in logging N54 engine parameters via OBD2/CANbus using an Android smartphone (Android now has USB host functionality). Did you do something in this area ? I think it should be even easier than reading and writing the DME.
Thanks for the kind reply! I'm not exceptionally familiar with the Android platform to tell the truth. But let's just say I work for their competition here in Cupertino But whipping up a datalogging/display device that feeds CAN info off of the OBD2 port is relatively simple compared to writing/reading the DME ROM since it doesn't require any encryption keys or checksum calculations. It can be done at the basic diagnostic level. My colleague has already written a program that does so via iPhone. Porting over my little DME read/writing program does seem to be the next natural step.