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Originally Posted by jazze90 View Post
Oh wow cool! You should get in touch with ProTuning Freaks. They are the kings of N54 custom flash tuning currently using Cobb's software.
I'm a little hesitant to ask just anyone to help me. Especially those who are already invested in a closed platform (Cobb Tuning). I don't want to ask them to give away information that they rely on for revenue stream. Nor do I think Cobb Tuning would appreciate it if they helped me with my open source project since it is in direct odds with their best interest. While I think I'm being realistic, I hope I'm being pessimistic as I would be pleasantly surprised if they contacted me and were willing to help. It would be very useful to spend a few hours with the Cobb pro tuning suite for no other reason than learning the names of the tables that I have access to via the open source software. It does make sense to use the same nomenclature/labels/units as existing mapping software just to make it easy on those who would want to eventually transition from a closed tuning platform over to open source.