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Originally Posted by Kiemyster
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Ozium is old and played out.. Ona block is the best and it comes as a gel, spray , and some type of cream. Grab a piece and leave it under your seat. Best thing ever it's used for grow ops so u can Prob only find it at a hydro store. Trust me I'm a real connoisseur of this only wax and top shelf CALI og in my system
ive seen that at a coupe of headshops, never bothered to try it. you are right though, ozium only lasts for about 10 minutes. after that, the smell comes right back. if you get pulled over you would have to be constantly be deploying ozium every time the officer left for a second... and if you dont they will smell it. so you are right, should have disclosed that. ona block is a long term solution.
Yeah that thing works wonders I get the one that looks like cream and just open it in the car when I'm done or break a piece off and put it under the seat it's instant. But you have to keep the windows down it's really strong lol