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I did test V1 performance, but not the most scientific because I used different version V1s. I had the "new" latest version V1 purchased 2 weeks ago, in the back.

I had my older v1.7 V1 up front at the windshield. Both were running simultaneously.

Rear protection was obviously better when the detector was mounted in the rear. However, the "older and inferior" v1.7 still had better frontal sensitivity on the windshield.

I have given my old V1 to my girlfriend and I have moved my current V1 over to the front windshield. It's not illegal, and hides well with the sun-visor if pulled over, so I had no issue putting it up front. I would say that if I were worried about legality say in VA, then I would leave it in the back. It was worth the extra sensitivity for me to put it up front and have it less stealth. All other components remain so far. I may remove the remote audio unit and add a mute cable + power switch so I can power the unit without raising my hand to the detector.

And yes, you can just remove the V1 from the visor mount on the 3rd brake light you wanted to sit a person there.
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