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Lol. Thanks for taking that one out of context, Jeff...

You have to love that EPA requirements essentially mandate that we have the primary ingredient of urine injected into our exhaust in order to reduce NOx and SOx which dealers then tend to spill all over our cars. The truck guys have affectionately named Diesel Exhaust Fluid "pig piss"...they're an elegant bunch, those fellows

For the sake of anyone stumbling across the quote in the future...
Originally Posted by EYE4SPEED View Post
Here is a picture of d.... EF gone wrong. Seriously, why can't BMW give the dealer a proper refill tool? And, why can't the dealer clean my car after they throw up on it?

Originally Posted by EYE4SPEED View Post
My car is flagged as non-wash...They said that the DEF is clear until it dries and they didn't notice it until we walked up to my car. If it is urea, won't peeing on your car cause the paint to be ruined?
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Not sure. I pee on my car on a rather consistant basis but the paint seems to hold up fine...

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