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Unfortunately I came up on this thread after I place my order for and Amber LED side marker bulb. I have searched everywhere online before this looking for the right kind of LED bulb. Didn't want the unfinished look of those cheap bulbs that try to fit as many LED's on one bulb as possible.

I found the right one for me on his sight and ordered right away, excited that I finally found the exact set I was looking for.

Too bad this is E92 Lighting we're talking about. What I received in the mail was not the bulbs I ordered, the ones pictured on his site. Instead he sent a set of the those cheap, fit-as-may-LED's-as-you-can bulb with a bright yellow base (even they fit ok into the housing, the yellow of the base shows through and gives that egg yolk look, the exact thing I'm trying to avoid.

I immediately contacted him regarding this "mix-up" and his reply was:

these are bigger in size and have 5 Leds on it, however our item only has 1 Led on it, so you got a brighter and whiter product in place of the item you ordered. i dont think that is a bad deal.

they fit for the LED sidemarkers as stated on our site.
Although true, they would fit in the housing as stated on the product page, he admits he sent a completely different than what was ordered. Some people wouldn't care, but like I said, I was looking for a specific look of the bulb and the one I received was not the one pictured on the site, not even close.

Long story short, I had to file a paypal claim to get my money back. Paypal decided in my favor, but he want's me to pay for return shipping in order to receive a refund. I don't see how it makes sense that a business sends an Item that is very different than what was advertised and purchased, when you fight for a refund you have to pay half of the product's cost in shipping.

My advice, avoid this seller like the plague.