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Originally Posted by dhanni848 View Post
I read a lot on the m105 and looks like it pairs really well with the m205. After you posted I looked in m101 and it seems almost the same but not as deep cutting. I really need the cutting for my initial polishing. I definitely do not plan on using it much.

I will look into the sealants you suggested. Why do you say to stay away from the Meguiars? It's not that expensive either.

Thank you
M105 was originally developed for body shops (to be use with a rotary). The work cycle of the product is very short and it dusts pretty bad. It is not a product that is friendly to beginners. With a DA, you need to have a smaller work area or you might find yourself having a difficult time removing the product. Towel marring is an issue with some cars when removing M105 so invest in some good MF towels (not Costco).

M101 was designed for the European market and it was not intended for the U.S market. Meg finally gave in due to pressure from the U.S. Detailing Community. It was designed to be use with foam. The work cycle is much longer and it dust much less. The cut is comparable to M105.

With a more powerful machine ( i.e Flex 3401, Griot Garage), a LSP ready surface could be achieve with M101 in just a single step on some paint system. M105 generally requires a second step (M205 , Menzerna SF4000). With the machine you are getting, you most likely have to make more passes per section (6-8) so you do want a longer work cycle and hence M101.

Here is a question for you? Why do you think you need to start with these aggressive products? Unless your car is "Hammered" a medium polish like Menzerna SIP works great without the learning curve and all the subsequent steps to finish down.
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