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Originally Posted by project335i
Actually heard good things lately. Just got to cut a small piece off the bumper to make it fit perfectly
Likewise! I think I might have to file the tabs a bit for perfect fitment. Hope it won`t be a tough job!

Originally Posted by StevenIam
I can't wait to see the after pics!
Dude, this is gonna be the longest week of my life waiting to install it. If only I didn`t work!

Originally Posted by bobblehead
did not know it's Made In China ... I wonder the overall fit & finish & quality of the it ??
I was surpised as well. I honestly thought it was coming from Vancouver. Seems legit regardless...looks great, feels good

Originally Posted by Havok_2011
I got the exact same one last year, I absolutely loved it, and I think its the best diffuser out there. It was perfect fitment for me, but yes, its hit or miss for fitment when we are talking CF parts.

Hopefully it fits for you!! Congrats on a wicked purchase
Ya, yours looks awesome! Was debating between mine and the quad. Think I might just have to get those black Cyba tips to complete the rear end. Hope it`s gonna be a hit for fitment!

Originally Posted by Dr. G
If you want to make the install easier, you could shave down the width of the tabs a bit on on side. This allows you to have a bit more wiggle room.

Mine fits absolutely perfectly now.
Thanks for the tip dude! I really hope it works out