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So had the car in with the dealer for something quick and asked them to quickly look over the front suspension as it was creaking. Told them I suspected ARB bushes or bump stops.

Dealer told me they could hear the creak, tried spraying some lube on the ARB bushes but the creaking was still there, so I would need to book the car in to have it properly checked and possibly even use a microphone type device to pinpoint the creak.

So a few weeks later I get the car booked in and they cannot replicate the creak eventhough the same tech worked on the car and agreed it was present before.

The only difference was a spell of dry weather before dropping the car in. So low and behold I take the car home over the next few days had some rain and the creaking is back. Now after a few days dry it is gone again...

Does this still point to ARB bushes or bump stops? If yes, would new ones react any different in the wet?

I might try and see can I replicate the creak by using the power washer to get things wet?
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