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Ok... It is a general guide to always use the least aggressive approach to get the job done. The amount of clear on your car is finite and every time you compound the car... you are taking layers off your car. Most vehicle paint film systems (127 - 178 ) which comprise a Primer coat of 2Mils (50 ) and a Colour coat of 1-2Mils (25 -50 ) and Clear coat 2-3Mils (50 - 75 ). To put it another way, normal paper is about 100 microns so the average new car has a total thickness of just over one sheet of paper.

I would recommend you try an approach that is less aggressive first prior to M105. Look into a medium polish like Menzerna SIP , BlackFire SRC, or my current favorite CarPro Fixer. CarPro Fixer is a polish that is pad dependent so you could elevate the aggressiveness by simply changing the pad to a more aggressive one.

For over the counter, try Meg Ultimate compound and Polish. It is much more forgiving on your first time out with a DA.

I hope this helps.... Good Luck.
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